Task Understanding from Confusing Multi-task Data

Part of Proceedings of the International Conference on Machine Learning 1 pre-proceedings (ICML 2020)

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Xin Su, Yizhou Jiang, Shangqi Guo, Feng Chen


<p>Beyond machine learning's success in the specific tasks, research for learning multiple tasks simultaneously is referred to as multi-task learning. However, existing multi-task learning needs manual definition of tasks and manual task annotation. A crucial problem for advanced intelligence is how to understand the human task concept using basic input-output pairs. Without task definition, samples from multiple tasks are mixed together and result in a confusing mapping challenge. We propose Confusing Supervised Learning (CSL) that takes these confusing samples and extracts task concepts by differentiating between these samples. We theoretically proved the feasibility of the CSL framework and designed an iterative algorithm to distinguish between tasks. The experiments demonstrate that our CSL methods could achieve a human-like task understanding without task labeling in multi-function regression problems and multi-task recognition problems.</p>